Who's Wearing Criquet

Ramsay Midwood

Ramsay Midwood isn’t just an Austin music scene favorite; he’s a slightly more than adequate golfer, an oyster over-indulger, and a pretty convincing portrayer of television criminals. We managed to corner him for a rare, brief moment and discovered what makes his country blues sound so psychedelic—as well as the best way to sneak into country clubs. Read more »

The Dan Plan

Dan's plan is to go from professional photographer to a PGA golfer in 10,000 hours of practice. Read more »

Texas Playboys Baseball Club de Austin

The Texas Playboys Baseball Club is an Austin-based social aid and pleasure club. They also play baseball from time to time. We sat down with Jack Sanders, team captain and owner of Deign Build Adventures, to talk sandlots, barnstorms and dangerous squirrels. Read more »

The Founders

The Invitational Golf Tournament, Austin TX. Inventors of DreamCream and other products you can, but should not use.

Iba Thiam

Co-owner and head chef at Cazamance Cafe. Best trailer ever. Go to the the Cazamance Facebook page »