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At the age of five, Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown were forced into their first collared shirts to attend an all-boys school in New York City. Although initially squirmy and uncomfortable, the boys quickly began to notice the power of the polo: the approving nods from parents, the lingering glances from the ladies...

Thus began their lifelong journey to find the perfect shirt. Over the years, the two sampled polos of all shapes and sizes: baggy, fitted, emblem/no emblem, collar up, even a brief flirtation with the cringe-worthy double-layered. Throughout this odyssey, there were some constants- perfectly worn hand-me-downs and thrift store treasures. There were the golf shirts Billy’s grandfather wore in the 70s; a great polo Hobson picked up on vacation that cannot be found anywhere since in the continental United States.

Flash to 2010, when Billy, bemoaning the disappearance of his favorite inherited golf shirt, aka “The Doctor Jack,” (rumor has it his cousin Tucker might have something to do with it), sought consolation and advice from his good friend Hobson. Hobson happened to be entrenched in his own trauma, having recently recovered from the burial of a long-loved faded yellow pique. Over missed putts and cold beers, they lamented their losses, and the fear of never finding THE ONE again.

They decided it was time to take matters in their own hands. Tapping Billy’s architecture background and Hobson’s creative wizardry, the pair set off to design a vintage-inspired shirt, combining old-school preppy with more sustainable design choices, that would put an end to their ongoing search, while also aligning with a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

With a nod to the past and the hope of a more sustainable, stylish future, Criquet was born. Certified organic cotton. Subtle detail. Vintage-preppy vibe. Built to be inherited.

The quest for the perfect polo ends here.

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